Practice For Natural Healing.

During the first consultation, which lasts approx. one and a half hours, a thorough anamnesis (interview) is conducted in which all organic systems of the body will be questioned. Also, a nutrition analysis will be conducted. Then we proceed with a body check including blood pressure, pulse, body temperature. Depending on the nature of the indications, testing of hearing ability, belly and back functions are considered.
This will lead to a diagnosis, which will be checked through microscopic eye-diagnosis.
The next step is the development of a therapy, for instance a phytotherapeutic complex 3 times a day or Herbal Tea 3 times a day, Homeopathic treatment or Ortomolecular treatment, classical massage or ear-acupuncture. This will combined with nutritional advice.
The client instantly receives a form of prognosis, along with the request to seek contact after approx. one week to evaluate the process of healing. After two weeks there will be a consecutive consultation for evaluation and if necessary adjustment of the treatment.
Phytotherapeutic treatment normally takes between six weeks and half a year. Pending the character of the complaints we advice to repeat the treatment in the spring for a period of 3 weeks as a body cleansing treatment.



Josephine L. Veldhuyzen
Paulus Potterlaan 20
1399 XB Muiderberg

Telefoon: 0294 – 266864
mobile: 06 - 53610856


Academy for Natural Healing, Hilversum, Holland.
Phytotherapy, Natural Healing.


First consult: € 90,-
Second consult € 70,-
Telephone consult € 15,-

€ 55,-

Neck and shoulder massage € 27,50


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